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Sourced- How to Deal With Being Headhunted

With the demand for skilled IT talent significantly outstripping supply, headhunting is becoming increasingly common as companies struggle to meet their resourcing needs. So what do you do when a recruiter comes to you about a position, rather than the other way around?
Being approached for a job can be excitng, but it’s important to handle the situation carefully and be discerning when deciding whether to pursue the opportunity. Here’s our top advice for how to navigate being scouted for a role.

Align – Business Life Coaching

Is Your Life Out Of Balance?

With life moving at an ever-increasing pace, many people are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted. It can be difficult to find time to do something for ourselves, let alone identify what it is that will allow us to feel empowered and fulfilled.

At Align Business Life Coaching, I offer holistic life coaching to empower my clients, align them with their values and assist them in achieving their goals.

Through a range of techniques, including coaching, visuali

Infinity HR

Ultimate Solutions is a SME, which has been associated with Infinity HR for several years. Infinity HR’s team comprises of a team of specialist who each exhibited proficiency in various HR streams, integrity in their approach to our HR needs.

Infinity HR was able to adapt their service offerings to suit our business model, whereby an unique People and Culture framework was developed encompassing regulatory compliance, ethics, culture and reputation. Infinity HR took a leading role in review

Silver Petals Australia

Silver Petals

Silver Petals – Fashion Forward, Future Conscious.

At Silver Petals, our mission is to source and produce the best in children's clothing and accessories from Australia and across the globe.

From the luxury European designs from our ‘Cheeky Tots’ range to the everyday essentials from our ‘Happy Tots’ range we endeavour to cater for every child (and parent's needs).

We also understand that caring for your little ones means protecting the environment and providing them with a sustainable future.

With this in mind, we carry a range of beautiful, unique eco-friendly designs made from the most delicate fabrics, crafted with sustainable production methods.

Designed in Australia and produced ethically overseas, Silver Petals' production methods support workers' rights, with transparency at all stages of our manufacturing process.

When you shop at Silver Petals, keeping your little ones snug and stylish doesn't have to cost the Earth.

Our Ethos

We believe every child deserves to feel special, comfortable and stylish, regardless of their parents' budget.

With this in mind, we stock a range of collections, from affordable everyday essentials to luxury designs for special occasions.

At Silver Petals, we believe that we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. Accordingly, we also partner with brands that are ethically sound and eco-friendly, ensuring we create a sustainable world for our children's future.

All of our collections are fashion-forward and future conscious, with a focus on reducing waste at all stages of the production process.

Where possible, we endeavour to leave a minimal environmental footprint, from supporting ethical farming processes to using recyclable, reusable packaging.

Sticky Sidebar Ads | Publift

Sticky Sidebar Ads: Gain visibility and grow your advertising revenue with programmatic pioneers, Publift

At Publift, we are programmatic pioneers, working tirelessly to grow our client’s advertising revenue. Pairing simplified, cutting-edge advertising technology with impartial, ethical guidance, the Publift team helps independent publishers leverage their ad inventory for maximum ROI.

Stick it to the Competition

A Win for the Sell-Side and Buy-Side

Due to their fixed position and conse

Preparing for 2021 Resilience – Beyond Compliance

2020 has been one of the most intense and challenging years on record, for individuals and organisations alike. Australian businesses have had to deal with the impact of widespread bushfires, storms, and the effect of COVID-19. Along with the immediate associated risks of these events, there has also been an increase in incidents such as suicides, injuries and other WHS/OHS issues.

While the impact of COVID will continue to affect businesses moving forward, organisations must start to look to t

Best Wills And Estates Lawyers | We Have 5 Star Reviews

Our qualified, professional solicitors are experienced will and estates lawyers.

Do you believe you have been unfairly left out a will?

Are you wanting to contest or challenge a will, but don’t know where to start?

Our team are skilled in all aspects of will and estate law and can provide you with expert, confidential advice.

Making a will in Australia is the only way you can ensure your assets are distributed according to your intentions and it is a relatively affordable and straightforward

Hunger for spirituality in an increasingly unstable world | Byron Writers Festival

Three different faiths came together Sunday morning to discuss why we yearn for spiritual meaning and the difficulties faced in a world where religious belief is increasingly seen as a political identity.

Session chair Ailsa Piper spoke with Meshel Laurie, converted buddhist and author of Buddhism for Breakups, Susan Carland, Islamic convert and author of Fighting Hislam: Women, Faith and Sexism and Tony Doherty, Catholic priest of 60 years. She posed to them the question: ‘What is spirituality

Sarah Blasko’s Eternal Return | Byron Writers Festival

One of Australia’s favourite female singer-songwriters, Aria award-winner Sarah Blasko is known for her quirky sense of style and unique vocals.

What is not so well known however, is Sarah Blasko’s strict religious upbringing and how it has informed both her life and lyrics. She spoke to Erik Jensen in front of a captivated audience earlier today.

Born the second daughter of two christian missionaries who had recently returned to Australia from the Reunion Islands, Blasko’s younger years were

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